Friday, November 20, 2009

Tools of the Trade, Day 2!

Wow! What a couple of days! So many wonderful people and artists there, lots and lots of laughs and caffeine, but we made it through, and even got not only a little art done, but a LOT of art done!

"Little Megan"
20"x28" Pastel on Colorfix paper

"Come and Get Me"
20"x28" Pastel on Colorfix paper

"On a Hike"
28"x20" Pastel on Colorfix paper

"Freesia 1"
28"x20" Pastel on Colorfix paper

In case I haven't said it yet (but I know I have) I LOVE COLORFIX! These photos were not edited in any way for color adjustment - that's just how brightly the color pops from the way the paper grabs onto the pastels. And hopefully I've turned some other artists onto it as well.

Some other pictures of other artists at the show...

Erika, who also works for the Creative Duck (where the event was held), has an amazing hand for Illuminated Manuscripts.

Ursula Stocke does beautiful oils with bright, vivid colors. Check out her other stuff too!

Dan Chen (doing the amazing sculpture) and Do Mi Stauber (who does beautiful, detailed colored pencil drawings).

And a few shots of where I was working (and me working.)

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